Toshiba TG01 £450

1st Apr 2009 | 15:42

Toshiba TG01

Toshiba have launched their powerful smartphone

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2.5 stars

This phone just doesn't get the basics right


Large screen


Unresponsive touchscreen; Overall picture quality not that great

The TG01 (free on contract) is the first handset we've seen from Toshiba in more than two years and features not only the largest touchscreen display, but also the fastest processor you can currently find on a smartphone.

The 4.1-inch screen has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, making it ideal for media playback. Our review sample suffered from washed-out colours, however, and lacked the vibrancy of rivals such as the HTC Touch Pro2.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this phone is how slim it is. At just under 10mm in depth, it helps this otherwise large handset to slip easily into pockets. Matt plastics make it easy to hold without fear of it slipping.

Toshiba has tried hard to integrate all functions into the touchscreen, with just a Home and Back button below the display. It features the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, with a custom interface on top. Like the Acer F900 HD, it's less neatly integrated than HTC's TouchFLO software, with just a scrolling home page in place. It is easy to launch applications, but dig a little deeper and you'll find the regular fiddly Windows Mobile interface.

The most frustrating aspect of this phone is its unresponsive interface. The screen requires a firm press to successfully register any actions, which results in dropped letters when trying to type emails and text messages.

It fares better when it comes to features, with everything you'll ever need crammed into the slimline casing. 3G/HSDPA connectivity is included, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Where many Windows Mobile devices are sluggish, the TG01's 1GHz processor makes the best of the OS and runs smoothly.

With a large screen and fast processor, we were hoping for more from the Toshiba TG01. Unfortunately, it struggles to better its rivals where it matters.

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