Sony Ericsson launches Android Market channel

13th Apr 2011 | 13:48

Sony Ericsson launches Android Market channel

Available 'to most' from today

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

The best phone of 2011 so far, and it's not even dual core. Sony Ericsson has finally created the standout smartphone it's been after for so many years.


Astonishingly thin body; Attractive user interface tweaks; Nice customisable floating dock; Single-core processor handles most tasks well; Decent battery life; Stunning screen;


Small, fiddly power and volume buttons; Timescape widget is rather ugly; Text entry system is a bit last generation; Only five home screens;

Sony Ericsson has launched a new channel on the Android Market specifically for Sony Ericsson handset owners.

Announced in a post on the company's blog, the Android Market channel is a place where all the Sony Ericsson specific apps and plug ins will be highlighted, as well as the company offering recommendations and marketing space for their company partners.

There will also be occasional special offers and exclusive games for Sony Ericsson customers.

Flying the flag

Sony Ericsson is the first phone manufacturer to stake a claim on a specific bit of the Android Market, but no doubt others will follow where it leads.

The new channel has displaced the 'My Apps' option in the Market, which means you'll now have to hit the menu button to see your existing apps.

Most Sony Ericsson Android handsets should see the channel from today, although the company does warn that it's operator dependant, so some may not get it at all.

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