Palm Pre £499

9th Jun 2009 | 09:00

Palm Pre

Is the Palm Pre enough to unseat the iPhone in the smartphone war?

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

A serious entrant in the smartphone scene, but not quite enough to topple the iPhone's dominance


Great screen; Fast, useful OS; Easy cloud syncing


Fiddly keyboard

The Pre is giant leap for Palm and a fairly significant step forward for smartphones in general thanks to its multitasking webOS brain.

The handset is delightfully smooth and pocketable when closed and features a vivid screen that matches the iPhone for resolution, if not size.

The Pre is exceptionally responsive and even introduces some new gesture controls. Video looks sharper than on the iPhone 3GS, and the accelerometer lets you easily flip into landscape mode. You can also skip through photos and zoom in a similar way, and the music player is just as intuitive.

The email client is very easy to set up: just type in your address and password to have your emails imported in double-quick time. Tapping out the reply is rather fiddly because of the keyboard's tiny buttons, but some will prefer this to a virtual keyboard.

This sums up the Pre all over. We still prefer the iPhone, but it's an excellent competitor, and one that could well be perfect if you simply don't like the way Apple's kit works.

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