Nokia outs new budget X2 media phone £449

29th Apr 2010 | 11:53

Nokia outs new budget X2 media phone

We wish Nokia would release something more fun

TechRadar rating:

3.5 stars


Looks great; Masses of storage; Good on-screen keyboard; Plenty of multimedia features; Powerful operating system


Occasionally very sluggish; Inconsistent interface; Screen can feel cramped; Ovi store still not at its best

Nokia has outed the new X2 phone, the latest in its long line of media-friendly phones.

It's clearly a budget handset, given that it's packing an €85 (£75) price tag, and it has some fairly decent specs to go with it.

We're talking a 2.2-inch QVGA screen, a 5MP camera and is just 13mm thin, with dedicated music control keys for easy media manipulation.

You can pack up to 16GB of storage in through a microSD card, and connect headphones either over Bluetooth 2.1 or the inbuilt 3.5mm headphone jack, and there's an FM stereo on there too for good measure.

We are family

In truth it seems fairly similar to the Nokia X3 that was released earlier this year, albeit it in a candybar form factor rather than a slider.

Destined for India first, the Nokia X2 is likely to pop up in other regions of the globe in the near future too.

While we're sure it will do well thanks to the budget tag, we're still waiting for the killer phone from Nokia to bring it back into the spotlight – currently we're having to make do with the N97 or Nokia X6, and they're hardly setting the world on fire.

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