Spotify for iPhone

6th Sep 2009 | 09:00

Spotify for iPhone

All the music in the world can be yours

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3.5 stars

The app and service work, but many will balk at a tenner a month with nothing to keep


Good interface; Well built; Offline mode;


Subscription only; No scrobbling;

Once upon a time, you had to physically be in the same room as a musician to hear music. Then you could take an album around with you on tape or CD.

Soon you could carry thousands of tracks on an iPod wherever you went. And now? Now, you can take nearly all the music in the world with you to listen to.

Spotify is now on the iPhone and it gives you access to a huge library of music from the major labels, plus a bunch of indies. (As with the Spotify app for Mac and Windows, the catalogue's not exhaustive, but it is immense.)

First, the bad news: though the app for the iPhone is free, you can't simply use it to stream music as you can on the desktop apps – we wish they'd let us pay for the iPhone app if it meant we could enjoy the ad-supported streams – and you'll need to be a premium member.

It costs £9.99 a month (£119.88 a year); the 99p day passes don't work here. The good news is that not only can you stream music from Spotify onto your iPhone, you can also cache up to 3,333 tracks locally.

It's a bit like downloading tracks – except you don't get to keep them – and it means you can listen to the playlists you or others have created even if you don't have a data connection.

The app itself is generally well-built, though there's currently no support to scrobble your listening to

Sadly, clicks on a connected headphone set try to control the iPod, not the playback in Spotify. Neither will the app play music in the background.

We've rated this app on the assumption that you're happy to consume your music on subscription, without ever actually owning it; if not, you already know that Spotify's not for you.

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