BlackBerry handsets to get deep Bing integration

3rd May 2011 | 13:48

BlackBerry handsets to get deep Bing integration

'More than just a search box,' says Ballmer

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For a phone that's supposed to be the poster child of the new BlackBerry 6 OS, we hoped for a lot more. If you're a BlackBerry stalwart then you might find some joy here, but otherwise the Torch is unlikely to convert many of the Android and iPhone brigade.


Smooth touchscreen control; Great camera with scene selectors; Slide-out keyboard is a good compromise; Bright and crisp 3.2-inch screen; Good enterprise asset-tracking options;


Too slow for serious smartphone use; Keyboard is too small; App selection too practical; Not great for media; A bit on the bulky side;

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, was a special guest at today's BlackBerry World keynote speech where he announced that Bing is to become the 'preferred search' on BlackBerry devices.

Expanding the existing enterprise-focused partnership between Microsoft and RIM, the two companies are also working on new handsets which will launch with Bing integrated into the OS.

"This goes way beyond a search box," said Ballmer. "Bing will be integrated into the BlackBerry experience starting this coming holiday season.

"Bing will be deeply integrated at the operating system level, going way beyond the application experience that is available today."


Speaking of the motives behind the new improved partnership, Ballmer noted that mobile commerce is a driving factor.

"It really highlights how the mobile landscape is changing; the convergence of search, commerce, social and location-centric services, where Bing will provide intelligence and the organising layer in the cloud."

Nodding to recent privacy concerns that the iPhone has been tracking users' location data, Ballmer was also keen to point out the safety of the service: "We're focused on doing this in a way that protects users' privacy."

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