Steganos Security Suite 2006 £48

31st Jul 2006 | 23:00

Steganos Security Suite 2006

Keep your data, and your internet tracks, covered

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4 stars

Provides a wide range of useful tools, with some nice touches


<p>Use of external plugs</p>


<p>Set-up could be quicker</p>

We've all heard the stories about laptops left in taxis with sensitive information stored on them, but never whether the data stored on them was properly secured. Steganos Security Suite comprises 10 different applications designed to keep your laptop and, more importantly, its data, safe and sound.

The main feature in the suite is Steganos Safe which, as the name implies, acts as a virtual safe. It's an encrypted deposit area on your hard drive where you can store your passwords and information. The selling point of this feature has to be the tightening up level of security, stepping up from typical 128-bit encryption to the latest 256-bit AES standard, making it virtually unbreakable.

Setting up the suite to work the way you want it to takes time, but it's fairly straightforward to understand. One neat trick we liked was the use of external plugs. You can set up the encrypted area to unlock should you plug in your memory key, for instance, making a cheap and effective token ring system. The other advantage of locking it to your USB key is you can set up an encrypted partition on your drive, keeping data safe when away from the laptop.

Steganos Anti-Spyware claims to currently identify and remove 100,000 pest programs, which also covers Adware. Updates are available on a regular basis at the click of a button and can take up to five minutes to download. If you're regularly online, you should make the most of this application.

A growing trend is hiding your tracks online. It works by deleting the files of any downloads and any sites. Deleting them isn't enough, so Internet Trace Destructor also overwrites the files, for greater protection. It also covers everything you throw into the Recycle bin, so should anyone come prying around your system, your privacy is intact.

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