Carbonite £37

16th Feb 2007 | 00:00

Massive online backup for minimum cost

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4 stars

It works out at only 10p a day for unlimited, secure, off-site backup; where do we sign?


Great value; Easy, Mac-like experience; Stealth mode to free bandwidth


Doesn't back up external disks; No versioning in Mac edition; Occasionally greedy with CPU

Following massive success in America, Carbonite is now plying its online backup wares in the UK market as well, although subscriptions are still charged in US dollars, working out to just a tiny £2.50 per month cost.

The amazing thing about this is that, for such a small fee, you get an unlimited amount of server space so, upload times aside, you don't have the headache of deciding which data you need to back up and which to leave. With Carbonite, you can upload the whole lot.

With a potentially huge initial backup, before the incremental tools take effect, you can tell the system to take a nap, which is ideal for times when you want full, unadulterated internet access for other tasks.

The weakest link in the chain is that, rather than having a clear-cut program to organise your backups, the system relies on right-clicking folders and files in Windows Explorer and a system of colour-coded dots. It's quite intuitive when you get used to it, but it can't really match a dedicated software tool.

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