Norton 360 £55.5

27th May 2009 | 09:00

Norton 360

Can Norton's latest all-in-one security suite make people take the latest threats seriously

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4 stars

A great package to keep you PC safe from prying hackers and malware


Instant anti-phishing reports; Online backups; Healthy 2GB limit;


Some items seem superfluous;

Norton 360 is a comprehensive package stuffed full of tools to protect your PC from harm. The main menu is divided into four areas: scanning, ID protection, online backup and system tuning.

The anti-malware protection covers the usual virus, spyware and adware protection categories, but some items seem superfluous. For example, the Smart Firewall sees you "protected from intrusions", so what does the Intrusion Protection module do?

Identity theft is a fast-growing crime, and the Identity Protection section provides decent protection. 360 also gives you instant anti-phishing reports on links you might click. Unlike IE8's similar feature, this is fast and effective.

Online backups are also fairly speedy and the space provided is a healthy 2GB, with the option to rent more. Finally, the PC Tuneup section clears temporary files, cleans the Registry and optimises your disks to keep your system feeling fresh.

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