Apple invites Mac OS X Lion app submissions £25

12th Jul 2011 | 05:40

Apple invites Mac OS X Lion app submissions

Email to developers says OS X 10.7 will arrive "soon"

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4.5 stars

A surprisingly solid point-zero update that we wholeheartedly recommend Leopard users upgrade to as it provides a faster Mac, a bunch of hard drive space returned to you and Exchange support


Improved performance; Reduced - not increased – footprint; Built-in Exchange support; Stacks and Exposé much more useful; Hugely improved Services; Lots of minor beneficial tweaks; Extremely affordable; The beginnings of malware protection; Recording, trimming and sharing in QuickTime Player


The usual third-party software incompatibilities; PowerPC owners are stuffed; Rosetta not installed by default; Some dodgy interface decisions/no unified UI; A few bugs lurking - even in Apple software; QuickTime Player feature-set should have gone further

The imminent arrival of Mac OS X Lion seems a little more imminent after Apple emailed developers inviting submissions for the Mac App Store.

In an email to app makers Apple says that the new desktop and laptop OS will "soon be available to millions of Mac users around the world," but doesn't specify exactly when.

The company wants app submissions for Lion's Mac App Store so they can be readily available to download when the operating system is given a rubber stamp.


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is largely expected to become available for download later this week or early next week, boasting an iOS-like interface and 250 new features.

MacRumors points out that Apple asked for iOS 4 submissions 11 days before launch, but the site doesn't expect Lion to take that long.

It'll be the first version of Apple's game-changing OS X platform that won't be available to buy on physical media and will be downloadable for the extremely reasonable price of £25.

The launch of Lion is expected to trigger the release of the long-awaited 2011 MacBook Air refresh, which are thought to feature Intel's Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt connectivity.

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