Apple Safari 4

18th Apr 2009 | 10:00

Apple Safari 4

Apple's Safari 4 web browser makes browsing beautiful, but is it more than just a pretty face?

TechRadar rating:

3 stars

A good choice if you like your browser to look nice and shiny but inconsistent page load times and a lack of add-ons gives Firefox the edge


Fast on a lot of pages; Nice UI;


Slow on other pages; Not as many add-ons as Firefox;

Safari 4 adds many features that Chrome and Firefox 3 have already championed. It does so, however, in a very clean and usable manner.

The use of the title bar for tabs and the general Apple polish makes for an excellent experience.

As for speed, though, our experiences were mixed. On paper, Safari flies. We got good results on many sites we tried, but on others it was distinctly slow.

If Safari really wants to beat Firefox, one area that it really needs to improve on is its online community. There are some plug-ins available, but nothing like the hordes that surround Mozilla's products. This may change quickly, however.

Part of the reason Apple has decided to make a push into the Windows market is because the iPhone uses Safari, so the more developers that factor it in, the more attractive the flagship handheld products will be.

Despite all these pluses, though, it's still not quite the best. For the time being, Firefox continues to reign.

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