Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 £69

24th Sep 2007 | 14:16

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5

Adobe's stripped down editing package makes the right moves

TechRadar rating:

5 stars

Versatile and easy to use - a sure-fire winner


Impressive photo organiser; Good features set; Easy to use


Editing power is good rather than great

Photoshop Elements 5 benefits from an excellent photo organiser, smart enough to detect and remove red-eye as it imports your images. It's supremely easy to tag files, organise them into collections and find the shots you need.

The main photo editor features simple 'quick fixes' for colour, lighting, red-eye and sharpness, all of which can be applied automatically or with sliders.

Elsewhere the impressive regular filters and effects are joined by new manual features, including a tool to correct lens distortion, an Adjust Sharpness improvement on the usual Unsharp Mask, and Curves to help tweak image colour and sharpness at the same time.

You can also get creative with your photos and design greetings cards, CD or DVD jackets and labels, photo calendars, even Flash image galleries for the web. It may not quite have the editing power of Paint Shop Pro, but Photoshop Elements still wins out for its versatility and ease of use.

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