Samsung SPP-2040 £141

1st Feb 2006 | 00:00

Samsung SPP-2040

Newcomer's up-market offering

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3 stars

The Samsung is more of a 'me too' product than anything truly original, but it does a pretty good job at the price

A newcomer into the photo printing sector, Samsung has recently launched two compact photo printers based on dye-sub technology, of which the SPP-2040 is the more up-market. With a considerably larger footprint than some competing models, especially when in use, the Samsung isn't much of a travelling companion either, as there's no optional battery pack that you can power it from.

Back on the desk, the SPP-2040 does at least include a card reader and LCD screen, along with fairly basic standalone print controls. Print speeds are a little on the slow side for single photos but, if you print a number of shots in one batch, the speed increases noticeably after the first print.

Of more permanent interest, print quality is pretty good all round, with a nice level of sharpness and fairly accurate colour rendition. In this respect, the Samsung came out ahead of the Canon dye-sub printers in our tests.

Consumables are purchased in packs of 120 glossy photo pages, along with the requisite dye-sub cartridge for that many prints, the average cost working out at a low 21p per print. As with other dye-sub printers, you can print a lot of photos which have heavy dye usage, such as night scenes for example, without worrying that you're going to run out of ink supplies prematurely. Matthew Richards

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