Canon i9950 £549

31st Aug 2005 | 23:00

Canon i9950

A good-looking A3 printer

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

A fabulous large format printer with a really punchy output

The pleasantly curvaceous shape of the Canon i9950 makes it look quite small for an A3 printer, if that's possible for a machine that outputs 13x19-inch photos. It's Canon's top of the range inkjet printer and uses the same eight-cartridge line-up as the iP8500D printer. The only slight drawback is that, if you do a lot of A3 photo printing, some of the cartridges (especially photo magenta and photo cyan) get used up very quickly and need replacing rather too often for our liking.

The feature set is plain and simple, with no concessions to direct photo printing. As such, you won't find any colour preview screens or media card readers, although there is, at least, a PictBridge port for direct printing from like-minded cameras. There's no shortage of features in the printer driver, however, which include a wide range of image-enhancement tweaks.

Stunning colour reproduction throughout the spectrum and amazingly sharp imaging are the hallmarks of its success. However, the price of the iP9950 is much closer to competing A3 printers, even if it still works out to be expensive.

For sheer speed, the i9950 is nothing short of breathtaking, outputting a full A3 photo in top quality mode in just three minutes 50 seconds. That's less time than the vast majority of printers take to complete an A4 print. Ink costs are also cheap, so you should be able to claw back the extra initial purchase cost before too long.

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