Creative Live! Cam Optia £45

21st Mar 2008 | 09:23

Creative Live! Cam Optia

An average performer that doesn't really inspire

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

It may look good but it doesn't really deliver. Wait for something better to come along


Looks good; Great software bundle


Expensive and not really a great performer

While the last decade has seen the rest of the digicam world undergo a frenetic patch of technical evolution, it seems webcam developers have been taking it easier. You can buy a basic digital snapper for around the same price as the Creative Live! Cam Optia, and you can expect resolutions far in advance of it.

The camera comes with a respectably hefty software stack of apps to help you snap pics, record WMVs and engage in live picture messaging, along with an editing suite to weave them all together. And while you can sharpen and re-colourise the feed with the bundled software, the image quality never really improves.

A sharper CCD would make this a more attractive prospect at this price, but bundled software and neat looks aside, the Optia offers no greater image quality than a webcam half its price.

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