Meliconi Gumbody Light Digital 6 £30

5th Sep 2007 | 23:00

Meliconi Gumbody Light Digital 6

Takes the term 'universal remote' to new levels

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5 stars

Versatile and easy to use, this is a great all-purpose zapper

This universal remote is the only zapper on the market that will operate Sky, Sky+ and SkyHD set-top boxes, as well as those from Virgin Media, Freeview and integrated receivers, says its maker, Meliconi. It enables you to operate up to six devices of any brand.

Powered by two AA batteries, the remote is reassuringly sturdy and features a 6mm thick rubber casing which makes it easy to grip and also means that it will bounce rather than break if dropped. It also features a red backlight, which makes operation in a dark room a whole lot easier.

Set-up is relatively straightforward - you simply press and hold the key, which relates to the piece of kit you want to program in until it begins to flash.

Then you just key in the relevant manufacturer four-digit code from the booklet provided with the remote or from Meliconi's website. We had all of our AV devices programmed in within around 20 minutes, proving that this really is a simple remote to use, despite its extensive and rather daunting array of buttons. If you do get stuck, the remote is also supplied with an interactive CD guide.

While all of the basic functions that you are likely to need are covered by the buttons on the remote, the 'Learn' feature enables it to control the missing functions from the sources' original controls.

For extra convenience, there is a selection of buttons at the bottom of the remote (mute, volume up, volume down and AV), which are always assigned to the television, no matter which device is being operated at the time.

Despite its somewhat complicated appearance, this really is a simple remote to program, and it won't take too long, so it's worth persevering.

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