Logitech G11 £69.99

21st Mar 2007 | 00:00

Logitech G11

Useful, but not attractive

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

A decent keyboard that cuts down on some bells and whistles to achieve an attractive price


<p>Useful gaming mode</p><p>Good price</p>


<p>We'd like the matte finish, please</p>

The G11 is basically the same as the company's G15, but without the LCD panel.

It's also roughly £30 cheaper if you shop around. It features the same suite of 56 bindable macro keys, Soho-grade electric blue Lighting, and a 'gaming mode' which locks out all XP-based functions (like Sticky Keys - ugh!) so you don't get interrupted mid-shootout.

In fact, the only thing the G11 hasn't inherited from the G15 that we'd actually quite like to be here is the rubberised matte black finish.

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