Enermax Aurora £57

31st Jul 2006 | 23:00

Enermax Aurora

A keyboard so heavy, you could brain a burglar with it

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

Weighty and cool. A pleasing adornment for your desktop.


<p>Looks great</p>


<p>Very heavy</p>

Whatever happened to the old luxury keyboard? There's the odd Microsoft or Logitech option, but these tend to be pretty pricey and often no less plasticky than cheaper offerings we could mention. Your choices are limited, no two ways about it. It's hard to believe how little attention is actually paid to this most-used of peripherals.

Hurrah, then, for this skinny little offering from Enermax. Cast in brushed aluminium, it's weighty, robust and pleasingly cool to the touch. The slimline profile makes it closer in appearance to a laptop keyboard - it's dead thin, and quite stylish.

However, it has none of the irksome springiness you get with many laptops; the keys are firm and highly responsive, which makes it great for FPS games as well as general typing. It also acts as a two-port USB hub, and can be connected to the mic and audio sockets of your rear panel, which then terminate in mic and line-out sockets on the side of the keyboard.

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