Wired2Fire HellspawnXfire £1999

1st Dec 2006 | 00:00

If it's power you want, look no further

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

A nigh-perfect combination of dynamite looks and processing ability


<p>Gamers couldn't ask for more</p>


<p>Display could be bigger</p>

We do have a bit of a thing for machines with their power supplies at the base - with the help of the tremendous Antec P180 chassis, this machine pulls it off perfectly, allowing for some clever and efficient fan placement. It's got a lot to drag the O2 over, too.

There's a pair of shiny 1GB 6400 modules from OCZ plugged into an excellent Asus P5W DH Deluxe, and the undisputed king of the benchmarks in this test: X1950s running in CrossFire.

Lording over the competition with a few thousand extra 3DMarks and around 135fps in HL2: Episode 1, Wired2Fire's take on the CrossFire configuration is currently almost unbeatable.

Even though the monitor isn't huge, its 22" girth is sharp and detailed, with decent response times, with a splendid looking frame to boot. Much like the shiny case, it's not something you're going to want to hide away.

Play a few high-end games on this rig, however, and aesthetics will pale into insignificance. It's the sheer processing power lurking within that's important here, and this rig's got oodles.

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