OCZ Vertex 120GB

20th Jun 2009 | 09:00

OCZ Vertex 120GB

OCZ's Vertex SSD tempts the mainstream user

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3.5 stars

Despite not being the biggest or fastest, OCZ have a desirable product here


Great performance; Different hardware design



OCZ has cooked up an interesting mix of components for the 2.5in Vertex drive. Like the majority of SSDs, its 120GB of flash memory chips are sourced from Samsung. The controller chip, however, is rather more novel.

It's a new entrant in the market from an outfit known as Indilinx. The chip is a relatively conventional ARM processor, but Indilinx claims it has paid particular attention to both bandwidth and wear-levelling. Augmented by 64MB of SDRAM cache memory, it's similar overall to Samsung's effort, but cheaper.

You wouldn't know it from the way the Vertex performs, though. It's the fastest SSD we've seen in terms of sustained read and write performance, hitting 256Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.

However, in our real-world application tests it bags second spot behind Samsung's PB22-J drive. As with that drive, question marks remain concerning the Vertex's stamina. But all the signs suggest OCZ has created an extremely competitive offering.

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