Intel Core i5 750 £150

7th Sep 2009 | 08:00

Intel Core i5 750

A year after launch, Intel brings Core i5 processing to the masses

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4.5 stars

A great gaming chip that's just beginning to show its age.


Awesome gaming grunt; Massive overclocking headroom


AMD six-core has better multi-threading; New Core i5 760 model is better value

Our first taste of Intel's new Lynnfield processor takes the form of the Core i5 750 model.

It's a quad-core chip with 8MB of cache memory and a clockspeed of 2.66GHz.

Intel claims that Lynnfield chips can run up to 666MHz faster, courtesy of Turbo Boost mode, but in our testing, we never saw more than a total of 2.8GHz – a much more modest boost of just 133MHz.

But the Core i5 is a great chip and much more powerful than Intel's Core 2 Quad and AMD's Phenom II X4 CPU. The dual-channel DDR3 memory controller pumps through nearly as much raw data as the original Core i7's triplechannel controller.

It's great value for £150, but the lack of HyperThreading does hurt performance in heavily multi-threaded applications such as video encoding.

With that in mind, the Core i7 860 could be a better bet at £200 and with performance remarkably close to Intel's flagship Core i7 975 processor. With the latter costing £700, that's quite an achievement.

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