Secure Digital Trifecta £15

8th Jun 2007 | 23:00

Secure Digital Trifecta

A fast and efficient performer

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Small, quick and a great performer, it really comes highly recommended




<p>Really, really small</p>

The Trifecta is the latest gadget from OCZ, and is a variation on the Dual SD card, insofar as it's an SD card with its own USB connector head. The device stores the actual data (in 1GB or 2GB iterations) on a Micro-SD card that slots into the side of the Trifecta. Bonkers, but it works.

The problem with storing a gig of data on something no bigger than the nail on your little finger though isn't data transfer. Neither was the worry about whether we could connect it to our PC - it hits home happily on both counts. The big problem was whether it would vanish down the murky recesses of our keyboard... it's so blinkin' wee!

It's fast, versatile, and the SD housing even has enough space for a pretty blue LED to blink away cheerily when it's connected to your PC. With a host of current camera phones taking the micro SD's midget-esque format, transferring pictures to your PC really couldn't be easier. Recommended.

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