Adata CF 266x 4GB £40

26th Sep 2007 | 23:00

Adata CF 266x 4GB

Compact flash with great storage

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Great price for the amount of storage

Compact flash cards don't normally come into our arena of examination, given that they're generally only for use with high-end digital cameras, but as we had the chance to play with this one, we though we'd include it.

This 4GB Adata card is a good price for the amount of storage you get, and the speed is noticeably better than cheaper cards, especially when your camera is writing colossal RAW or TIFF images to memory.

And while this 4GB card is plenty for most, Adata also makes 8GB and 16GB versions for all you memory-hungry snappers out there.

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