Kingston Hiper-X PC2-9200 £50

20th Mar 2007 | 00:00

Kingston Hiper-X PC2-9200

Not much headroom here

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Aside from our rebooting glitch, these sticks are more than up to most jobs


<p>Strong performance</p>


<p>Hard to find</p>

We ran into an odd problem with this high-clocking memory set - for some reason, even at stock speeds, the motherboard wouldn't reboot. We're giving it the benefit of the doubt, though, since it's a very new motherboard, we'll assume a BIOS flash is on its way to sort that out, and the memory is fine.

Performance-wise, these 1,150MHz sticks are more than up to the job. A slight drop in the Windows Media Encode scores suggests there's not a huge amount of headroom, although there were certainly no stability issues under stress.

Our only real gripe with this kit is that stockists seem thin on the ground, and Kingston's own 1,200MHz RAM is more easily available for less money.

Kingston Upgrades Memory
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