Gelid Tranquillo £24

16th Apr 2010 | 08:30

Gelid Tranquillo

A CPU cooler offering some chilly temperatures at a bargain price

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4.5 stars

Although it is not as effective as the Frio, this CPU is only a few degrees behind and at half the price


Performance almost matches more expensive coolers; Price; Quiet;


Not as effective as the Frio;

Gelid is a company that's come out of left field to make a bit of a name for itself in the bargain air-cooling market. This latest, the Tranquillo, fits perfectly into that setup, almost making a mockery of the equally large, twin-turbined Thermaltake Frio.

They're both big coolers, they've both got a long compatibility list and they're both remarkably quiet in low CPU-usage scenarios. The big difference though is in the price.

The Gelid cooler is around half the price of the Frio. The Frio though does come with that extra fan which improves the airflow both around the CPU heatsink and through the case as a whole, but the Tranquillo is just as capable a cooler at stock levels.

It's when the CPU wattage is ramped up in overclocking that the Frio is able to make itself known, but the Tranquillo is no slouch. It's not quite as cool, but it does a very capable job.

At stock speeds the idling Core i7 860 was only 3°C hotter than the with the Frio, and that's still only 22°C.

That difference scales up exactly to the fully loaded Core i7 with the Frio hitting 49°C and the Tranquillo hitting 52°C. It's only when the Frio's fan speed controllers are set to full that the Frio actually pulls away.

If you're overclocking your beefy CPU then you'll need to make a choice between an air-cooler or a closed-loop water-cooler. If you've still got a beefy CPU, but aren't brave or foolhardy enough to start getting heavy with the voltage tweakery then Gelid's Tranquillo is far cheaper.

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