Corsair 700D case £176

15th Jul 2010 | 10:20

Corsair 700D case

The ultimate PC case?

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4.5 stars

Design, functionality and understatement in six black panels. Fill it with serious tech.


Spacious; Well designed; Subtle visuals


Too subtle for some?

Corsair 700D case - Overview

There are PC cases, and then there are PC cases. In the 700D, Corsair has created a positively fearsome monolith of storage aimed at PC enthusiasts looking to build their dream systems.

It might look unassuming at first glance compared with CoolerMaster's HAF X case, but the Corsair 700D has been designed to be crammed with the best gear.

We're talking grilles on the top panel for water cooler radiators, holes to lead cables out of the way behind the backplate… the kind of features modders might have experience of drilling and sawing out themselves.

But as standard.

Due to the 700D's aforementioned prerequisites for water cooling, one might imagine that airflow isn't something Corsair have lost sleep over, but like Thermaltake's Armor A90 fans are plenty.

The 700D has three separate airflow areas in fact, and two 140mm fans to keep chilled air running through each compartment.

A modders' case, but pre-made and waiting for high-end tech to fill its cavernous insides.

Corsair 700D case - Verdict

Corsair 700d case

I can't stress quite what an imposing object the Corsair 700D is. It sits about as tall as a Rottweiler and looks no less menacing.

There's easily enough space inside to install towering CPU coolers of any description without fiddling around and losing screws that would otherwise, inevitably, end up rolling around just between the motherboard and backplate.

Three way SLI setups are easy for the 700D, and more than just being handy for installing parts, the space makes it easier to keep everything cool.

The routing holes for all your cables help maintain a strong airflow also, in addition to giving a reassuring pat on the back to the most fastidiously tidy PC enthusiasts.

The 700D's features may seem like bourgeois frills at first, but build up a system inside one and you'll be loathe to give them up in your next case.

Corsair has made a large removable backplate on the 700D for installing the rear mounted section of a CPU cooler, which once again eradicates fiddling. Many cases boast this feature now, but the 700D has certainly one of the biggest.

In terms of PC performance, it's rare to ever feel that your case is holding your system back, but if you ever have felt like this, Corsair has clearly read your mind.

In the 700D, one could really go to town with cooling options. The fans supplied with the case aren't in abundance and aren't as large or powerful as other cases on the market from cooling experts like Thermaltake, but Corsair has priced the 700D to a market that's unlikely to scrimp on cooling options and rely on stock case options anyway.

We liked:

Despite its rather dour visual appearance, Corsair's 700D is an extreme and open-minded case. The sheer space inside offers a lot of flexibility for system building and cooling options, and nice touches like cable routing take inspiration from the kind of features many case modders make for themselves.

Unlike most homemade cases though, Corsair have exercised a lot of restraint in terms of LEDs, chrome, and windows.

We disliked:

If you consider this an oversight, this stern black obelisk will not excite you for your money.

Final word:

For serious system builders looking to house their high-end systems in a perfectly functioning, subtle environment, it doesn't get much better than the 700D.

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