Cooler Master Cavalier £45

1st Jan 2007 | 00:00

It may be getting on but it's still turning heads

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

It's a classic Cooler Master case


<p>Screwless design</p><p>Cheap as chips</p><p>Stylish lines</p><p>It's huge</p>


<p>A bit too big?</p>

Yeah, it's knocking on, but the Cooler Master Cavalier is still one of the classiest cases around. Its screwless design ensures faffless upgrades, and the door is reassuringly chunky. It's also been on the market a while now, meaning it can be had for around £45 - possibly even less - if you shop around like a ninja. We prefer it in black, as shown here, but brushed alu is also an option.

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