ZoomTel X5v

30th Jun 2006 | 23:00

ZoomTel X5v

It's cheap, but that doesn't mean it's poorly specified

TechRadar rating:

3.5 stars

A decent, easy to use budget option that lets itself down on call quality


<p>Very affordable</p>


<p>Poor call quality</p>

The X5v is very cheap but that doesn't mean it's poorly specified. It's easy to set up, connects to your PC via USB and comes with Global Village which is free to use when calling other VoIP users and there's no subscription.

The one area that the X5v suffers in is the quality of voice calls. Like Skype, it can fluctuate when you're uploading and downloading files and the lack of a bandwidth reservation feature is immediately evident.

Still, the price is highly attractive and it's a solid performer when it comes to broadband duties, uniquely including helpful instructions for setting up for online gaming with your PC, Xbox or PS2. Mike Abolins

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