NetGear Powerline HD Adaptor HDX101 £68

1st Dec 2006 | 00:00

The easy way to extend your home network

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4.5 stars

Quite expensive, but it's a clutter-free way to set up a network in any home


<p>High bandwidth with no fuss</p>


<p>Pricey </p><p>Occupies a valuable wall </p>

Powerline networking is the best solution for extending your network to a completely different area of your home. This adaptor from NetGear is designed with high throughput in mind and will even stand you in good stead when 802.11n rears its head for real. It's also backwards-compatible with older Netgear Powerline kits.

The HDX101 is intended for streaming of HD footage with a cited speed of 200Mbps. The actual throughput depends on external factors, not least the age of the power cabling inside your walls. The great thing about Powerline networking is that it's devoid of the indiscernible problems that often affect wireless networks.

If you wanted to cut wireless out, though, you would be looking at great expense. However, buying a pair of these kits to extend your network to a completely different area of the house makes sense. Dan Grabham

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