OneClick Intelliplug £15

10th Feb 2008 | 17:20

OneClick Intelliplug

Reduce your carbon footprint with this clever little device

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Worth your consideration if you want to start being kinder to the planet


Effective and eco-friendly; Added surge protection


Not a particularly attractive device

We should all consider being more energy efficient and this neat little device from OneClick can, in theory, help save up to £200 a year on your electricity bills.

It's a master controller you plug your laptop's power lead into and a second lead plugs in to any USB port. When you switch off your laptop, or even put it in standby, the power will be shut down to your peripherals.

Surge protection

When your system wakes from standby, the unit deliberately takes a few seconds to power up, so saving even more power. It also acts as a surge protector, so should there be any power spikes on the line, they won't reach your laptop.

The Intelliplug may not be the most glamorous of devices, but if you're keen to reduce your carbon footprint, this is a worthwhile and timely investment.

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