HP iPaq rw6815 Personal Messenger

16th Jan 2007 | 00:00

HP iPaq rw6815 Personal Messenger

A feature packed handheld oozing versatility

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Overall, this is a well built, versatile handheld


<p>Full of features and easy to use</p>


<p>It can be fairly difficult to navigate</p>

Keyboard or no keyboard, it's the smartphone designer's conundrum. Sacrifice device or screen size for fast input, or hope consumers will enjoy the large display. With the rw6815 HP has opted for a keyboard-free smartphone and it certainly impresses with a 2.7-inch 240x320 LCD screen and a blindingly bright backlight.

A touch wider and thicker than most phones, the rw6815 still remains eminently pocketable and part of that size is well used with a 1,530mAh Li-pol battery providing a good 250 hours standby time and 5.5 hours talk time - figures that are borne out by our real world testing.

Shipping with Windows Mobile 5 for Phones we found it a touch difficult to navigate around the device with the provided controls, reverting to the stylus for rapid navigation. It's chock full of features including 802.11b, Bluetooth, IrDA, a good two-megapixel camera and it also includes voice command functions.

A speedy PXA272 processor at 416MHz will handle playing movies if need be and the 64MB of personal storage is enough until you buy a MiniSD card. A flip-up cover protects the screen and it's rechargeable via USB or the provided travel adaptor. Overall, this is a well built, versatile handheld.

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