Fanatec Speedster Controller £40

15th Aug 2008 | 14:26

Fanatec Speedster Controller

One of the most awkward controllers we've come across

TechRadar rating:

1.5 stars

There's nothing to justify the £40 asking price of this controller, especially when you take in to account all the things wrong with it


Some good ideas behind the design - just poorly executed


Awkward design; Looks awful; Slow to respond; Ridiculous price

The Fanatec Speedster Controller is what would happen if some psychopath took a machete to a PS2 controller then in a fit of guilt tried to fix it back together with a bizarre hinged arrangement he'd once seen in some lithium-induced dream.

Apparently, this extra axis allows you to seamlessly switch between driving and action modes, with the awkward twisting of the controller meant to simulate the turning of a steering wheel. I'm not convinced.

Clunky design

There's nowhere near the level of tactile feedback you get from the far more impressive Thrustmaster Run 'n' Drive and you'll end up accidentally operating the axis while using the other controls too. There is a clunky locking mechanism to hold it in place, but it's hardly a seamless switch.

And it's ugly. Oh boy, is it ugly. The vast, gray, angular AA battery pack does it no favours whatsoever and when you're being expected to fork out £40 for the privilege you don't want it looking like a cubist freakout. Stay away – far, far away.

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