iRiver Clix £120

19th Jun 2007 | 11:40

iRiver Clix

Plenty of innovation from iRiver, but at a price

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

It looks great and has a lot going for it, but needs a bit more capacity at this price


Attractive; Click-screen operation; Well designed for movie playback


Pricey for the storage

This is one of the most innovative players we've come across in recent times.

Not only does it feature a click-screen to navigate the menu, it's built for movies, as much as music, with its wide-aspect QVGA screen, and at this resolution, you can actually fit a lot of video on 4GB.

The menu is excellent, and it can run Shockwave games and movies. It also hooks straight into WMP10. The downside? The price. £140 is an awful lot for a low-capacity player, even one this neat.

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