Apple iPod classic 80GB £159

3rd Mar 2008 | 14:09

Apple iPod classic 80GB

The quintessential iPod just gets bigger and better

TechRadar rating:

5 stars

Apple has annoyed us with its legacy support for games and accessories, but it's still superb


Phenomenal value; Redesigned interface; Three bundled games; Very good audio


Must re-buy purchased games; May not work with some accessories

For us, the newly renamed iPod classic is the quintessential iPod, and on sheer value alone, it blows every other iPod out of the water.

At the per-gigabyte price of the original iPod, the 160GB model should cost an astonishing £11,168 - meaning there has been an effective 97% price drop over six years. And it does well stacked up against the iPod touch, too; the 160GB classic costs £40 less than the touch yet boasts ten times the storage.

The new all-metal case feels sharp and stylish, and the battery life - quoted at up to seven hours of video playback on the 160GB model - is phenomenal. In testing, the classic lasted even longer than the official specs.

While many have been reporting sluggishness with the menu system, we didn't really notice it; that said, we were testing the 80GB model, and the reports seem to be focused on the 160GB edition.

The classic sports the same redesigned interface as the nano; it makes good use of the high-res display. The Now Playing screen has also been slightly tweaked and you can now toggle the Shuffle settings from this screen.

Video playback is good, although even this screen is a bit titchy for anything other than video podcasts.

You get the same three games bundled as with the nano - just as well, really, as the existing games no longer work with this edition. If you've bought any, tough; you'll need to buy them again.

It's the same story with accessories. Some just refuse to work; in particular you'll have trouble with those that pipe video or photos from the iPod to a screen.

The iPod classic is great value, and if you don't succumb to the charms of the touch, this is a superb device.

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