Wowee One £49.99

23rd Jun 2010 | 10:01

Wowee One

A tiny box which turns flat surfaces into speakers

TechRadar rating:

3 stars


It works; USB charging


Sounds bad at high volumes

Woww One: Overview

In the eternal trade off between portability and sound quality, portable speakers are universally rubbish, but the Wowee One attempts to change that, by using some clever technology to turn any surface into a speaker for better bass response.

The trouble with tiny speakers is that they have little capacity for low bass frequencies, which makes your favourite tunes sound like an early version of Morse code played through a tin can.

The Wowee One is designed to vibrate, and enable those low frequencies to bass onto flat surfaces that it's placed on. In effect this makes the bass frequencies sound warmer than most portable speakers of its size- although that's not saying much.

The Wowee One has a built in battery, and charges via USB and boasts 20 hours of playtime. This which means all that's required is a 3.5mm jack cable, which is supplied, to the speaker into your MP3 player.

The Wowee has a grippy rubber pad on the bottom which enables you place on vertical surface such as windows and walls, and it stays put without leaving marks, as if held by invisible magnets.

There's an impressive volume level which is more than loud enough to entertain a group of friends, however, when reaching the upper limits, the bass aiding vibrations started to feel more like a ringing mobile phone on a desktop, which left us rushing to lower the sound.

Wowee One: Verdict

wowee one

While the bass is impressive, the higher frequencies still suffer from a bad-quality built in speaker, and some songs we tried were unbearably grating.

The guitars, rhythms and vocals sounded scratchy, tinny and little better than most built in laptop speakers. This is a big disappointment after a long list of clever innovations and well delivered ideas.

We liked:

The Wowee One is a decent portable speaker, which enables you to enjoy your MP3 player anywhere (providing there's a solid table top or window.)

Bass does sound warm, and we love the simple nature of charging, attaching and carrying. At the size and weight of an early mobile phone it's small enough to go unnoticed in your bag.

We disliked:

The overall usefulness of the Wowee One is questionable, but there are worse portable speakers on the market for more money.

However, the gains that have been made in bass response are outweighed in equal measure by the raspy nature of the main built in speaker, which makes listening at high volumes as uncomfortable as most mobile phones.


It may cost you an extra £30 to get a better portable speaker, but it's certainly worth the extra cash.

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