Macally Bella Nano Sleeve £23.5

13th Feb 2008 | 12:29

Macally Bella Nano Sleeve

This sleeve doesn’t match up to the Sportivo

TechRadar rating:

2.5 stars

Offers protection from knocks and scrapes, but can be snapped loose easily


Available in a variety of colours; Effectively protects your Nano


Can be snapped away easily; Quite expensive

For those who would wear it, this Macally Nano carry pouch for the latest iPod nano is an inexpensive product, available in a variety of colours, that protects your iPod from drops or scratches that might harm it. It does the job, with a transparent screen that you can push commands through onto the iPod click wheel.

The idea is to hang it from your belt buckle, but when we did, we spotted a weakness. The build quality throws up a question mark where the strap attaches to the sleeve. If you pull the sleeve sharply, with one hand on the case and one on the wearer, this will easily snap the leather connecting cord. Then you can run off with it!

Under normal use it was fine, but this weakness is worth bearing in mind if you're more worried about street crime than street-cred. The price is also on the high side, considering the scant amount of different materials used to make it.

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