Canon EOS 350D £800

1st Feb 2006 | 00:00

Canon EOS 350D

Canon's beginner-orientated SLR has more pixels than most

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4 stars

The EOS 350D is a good camera, but its rivals handle better, have superior controls and cost less

The Canon 350D was a big improvement over the old 300D in terms of its size, finish, responsiveness and controls. However, size isn't everything. In fact, if anything, the 350D is a bit too small.

It's not high enough in the body for you to curl all your fingers round the grip comfortably, and the on-screen menus appear a bit small.Features On paper, this has to be one of the leading contenders. It has an 8-megapixel sensor, a 0.2-second startup time and a 3fps continuous shooting speed and can shoot up to 14 images continuously. The lack of spot metering is disappointing, though, and the 350D remains significantly more expensive than rival D-SLRs.

The 350D's battery is slightly smaller than the old 300D, but Canon has made it last just as long, with a claimed capacity of 600 shots. That's better than all the rest, though once you get beyond 400-500 shots, the differences are less important. The 350D takes Compact Flash memory cards, which will please those who've already invested heavily in this format.

Comparing our test shots revealed that the 350D offered just about the best overall colour rendition, though it became apparent too that each camera's 'tungsten' white balance setting was calibrated to a slightly different value so that may simply have been luck.

The exposure looked spot-on, although the histogram did reveal some clipped highlight detail. Up close, the 350D's shot was slightly less impressive. Noise levels are very low, but it fails to resolve the very finest detail in a convincing fashion, so that its two-million pixel advantage over its 6- megapixel rivals is effectively cancelled out.

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