Apacer Disc Steno CP-200 £210

31st Mar 2005 | 23:00

Apacer Disc Steno CP-200

A hard-disk free portable image back-up device

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

This is the only portable image back-up device that doesn't use a hard disk. Instead, it writes your images straight to CD, which it can do thanks to built-in card readers for CompactFlash, SD cards and Memory Sticks. The CP-200 is a good deal bulkier than a portable hard drive, and has lower capacity. There's no image playback function, but it's the only unit enabling you to leave copies of images with friends, clients or family.

You might expect a CD-writer to be impossibly slow, but while it does take longer than writing image backups to a hard disk, the difference isn't that great. It took 177 seconds to back up our 128MB card to a blank CD, and only 121 seconds with one that had already been formatted.

A Secure mode verifies your data, taking the back-up time to 213 seconds. The process is simple - just put in a CD, put in your memory card and choose Fast or Secure mode from the menu. Rod Lawton

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