Toshiba 37X3030

5th Sep 2007 | 23:00

Toshiba 37X3030

Great value for money is the headline feature

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4 stars

An affordable way to show off HD's extra resolution, but black levels could be better


<p>Full HD pixel count</p><p>Good pictures</p>


<p>Black levels could be better</p>

The 37X3030 wears its main attractions very much on its sleeve. It's a full HD 37in LCD TV that costs only £1,000 - the price you'd expect to pay on a same-size HD Ready TV. But does it have anything else to commend it?

It is styled in a fairly standard gloss black and the connections are equally easy on the eye, including as they do two HDMIs, a PC port, a component video option, an optical digital audio output for passing on soundtracks received via the HDMIs and even a subwoofer line output.

Meanwhile the 1,920 x1,080 full HD pixel count we mentioned earlier, is backed up by both a 1:1 pixel mapping mode and full compatibility with 1080p HD sources - including the 24fps format now being output from a few HD disc players.

Another impressive specification is the set's claimed contrast ratio of 3,500:1, achieved via a dynamic contrast system that dims the backlight during dark scenes to offset black levels in a more convincing way.

When it comes to image processing, meanwhile, the set boasts Toshiba's Active Vision LCD system with its focus on boosting black levels, colour tones and saturation levels, detailing, and motion. Sadly, though, you don't get Toshiba's 'M100' processing component, with its 100Hz engine for making motion clearer.


In action, the 37X3030 happily makes its full HD resolution count, giving HD sources an extra level of sharpness, detailing and noiselessness. Colour blends seem a bit more subtle, too, thanks to the extra pixel density.

This is not a really huge improvement over the best of its non-full HD rivals, but given its price, a tiny quality boost gains significance.

The screen also punches its images out with striking levels of brightness and vibrancy, grabbing and holding your attention during bright scenes. There's more loss of motion resolution than with Toshiba sets that have 100Hz, but blurring is seldom distracting.

Black level response lets the side down, as dark scenes look grey-ish where they should look black.

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