Sharp LC-20AD5E £280

7th Jun 2008 | 13:20

Sharp LC-20AD5E

An affordable and reliable 20in LCD

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

A good all-round performer and all at an affordable price


Nice styling; Good connectivity; Impressive HD performance; Precise and stable pictures


Unappealing user interface

Whether you prefer this set's pictures or those of its rivals largely boils down to personal preference.

Where others may be warm and natural, the LC-20AD5E is precise and exacting. While other sets may lay claim to a slightly richer, more cinematic image, the Sharp has them licked in terms of detail resolution and general stability.

Great HD pictures

It's also pretty well equipped for a small set, with decent AV credentials including HDMI and a pair of Scarts.

The set is also reasonably attractive, in a squat kind of way, but lacks the friendly user interface found in some of the competition, settling instead for an impersonal, PC-like font.

HD performance is also good, making the Sharp a solid, affordable proposition.

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