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JVC delivers little to set the pulse racing - at first

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4 stars

This may be a bit of a 'bare bones' TV but, despite some compromises, pictures impress and the price is right too


<p>Decent pictures</p><p>Impressive price</p>


<p>Black levels a bit weak</p>

The 37DG8 is one of JVC's less exciting options. Its resolution is a standard 1,366 x 768 and there's no 100Hz. It doesn't even have the highest level of JVC's DynaPix picture processing engine; the DynaPix Plus incarnation used here lacks some of the HD-friendly processing speed and contrast boosting capability afforded by the top level system.

But DynaPix Plus still has a few handy strings to its bow. For instance, there's JVC's acclaimed DIST image scaler for cleaner and more detailed images, plus components that provide finer management of colours, contours and contrast than you get with the basic processing.

The set's connectivity is patchy. Two HDMIs, a component video input and a digital audio output are all fine, but there's no PC D-Sub interface that would allow the TV to double as a computer monitor.

The HDMIs are limited, too, since they don't have CEC compatibility for enhanced communication with suitable source equipment and don't take 1080p feeds.

The 37DG8's bland onscreen menus do include a couple of features of note, namely a Digipure automatic contrast system, plus colour and general picture optimisation tools.


In many ways the 37DG8's pictures are really very good. Colours, especially, are remarkably rich and vibrant, achieving saturations more intense than those of its rivals.

Further intensity comes from the incredible sharpness of HD pictures. The set's reproduction of fine detail and textures is little short of awesome - so much so, in fact, that occasionally HD pictures look even crisper than they do on Toshiba's full HD 37X3030. This situation is helped by the set's very tidy handling of motion, even without 100Hz processing.

DynaPix's talents even help SD pictures look sharp, if occasionally slightly noisy.

A slightly limited black level response finds dark scenes sometimes looking a tad grey and lacking background detail. But sound is outstandingly powerful and clean by LCD standards with oodles of bass. Excellent.

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