Goodmans LD2667D £269.99

16th Mar 2009 | 10:00

Goodmans LD2667D

A bargain set with bargain basement pictures fails to impress

TechRadar rating:

2 stars

Sadly, this TV is lets itself down in too many ways for us to recommend it


Bright pictures; SD images could be worse


Single HDMI; Some motion blur

Goodmans has delivered some genuine TV bargains to stores like Comet over the years. But this categorically is not one of them.

First off, the set fails to provide a second HDMI among its inputs. And this time there's no built-in DVD deck by way of apology. You do still get a D-Sub PC port, though.

It's also pretty much devoid of interesting features and delivers depressingly outdated pictures.

Soft and fuzzy

Images are unpleasantly soft and fuzzy, for a start, especially – though not exclusively – with SD sources. The set's motion handling doesn't help matters, visibly blurring objects as they pass across the screen.

To be fair there are worse blur merchants around, but there are also many sets that handle motion considerably better.

Also looking like an unwanted blast from the past is the LD2667D's black level response, which finds dark scenes uniformly and severely blighted by the dreaded greyness that LCD has struggled with so long.

The screen compounds this problem by not maintaining a uniform brightness level across the whole screen, leaving dark scenes looking patchy and unnatural.

The final straw comes from its feeble audio and iffy colour tone reproduction, especially with skin tones and rich greens.

Under pressure to compliment the Goodmans TV, we might point to its pictures being quite bright for a budget set, and SD pictures not looking as noisy as expected. But sadly, the negatives rule.

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