Hitachi PJ-TX300

14th Dec 2006 | 00:00

Hitachi PJ-TX300

Hitachi packs in the features for this LCD projector

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Goes to lenghts to prove that LCD is not over and done with


<p>Lots of features</p><p>Price is reasonable</p>


<p>Sometimes brightness is too much</p>

Don't write off LCD projection technology just yet. DLP may dominate the higher strata of the market (ie the expensive end), but Hitachi ably demonstrates that there's plenty of life left in HD-ready LCD projectors with this suitably good looking effort.

Costing £1,300, the brand new PJ-TX300 has connectivity that's reasonably solid: a single HDMI input and component video jacks get those all-important HD-ready boxes ticked. The HDMI input is capable of taking 1080p as well. There's also a PC connection and the usual rear guard of lesser connections.

For the price, there's an impressively high number of features tucked inside this Hitachi's nicely-curved body. An automatic iris system adjusts the light allowed through the projector lens (depending on how light or dark the projector deems the images) in a neat touch. Consequently, this Hitachi projector is capable of a large contrast ratio of 10000:1.

There's also a Super ED lens array which helps deliver richer colours and more precise high definition images. Other improvements on previous models come in the shape of further picture processing treats. There are various gamma and black level adjustments, overscan adjustment, motion adaptive progressive scan and 10-bit video processing for improvement of colours and picture stability - all good news for you.

Getting down to brass tacks, the projector's a walk in the park to set up and the zoom is a flexible affair at x1.5, allowing this Hitachi to adapt to a wide gamut of room sizes. Onscreen menus can be sorted into easy and advanced lists, handy if you're a projector beginner.

One piece of advice we'd give though is to tinker with the picture settings: set the lamp to whisper mode, the colour temperature to 6500K and the Black option to Auto1 and then sit back to enjoy the show.

With our HD feed of Lord of the Rings, black levels were among the best we've seen from an LCD projector and colours were great with no dreaded rainbow effect. High definition pictures looked astoundingly sharp. Hitachi's scaling technology leaves standard-def sources looking pretty chipper too.

There are a few little picture niggles, though. The automatic iris system can sometimes cause a too profound a shift in brightness levels and really bright picture elements can show subtle traces of screen door effect.

But these are minor criticisms: the PJ-TX300 does a cracking job of delivering top quality high definition pictures for pocket change. LCD is not yet dead. Long may it rule!

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