Marantz SR7001 £1000

1st Mar 2008 | 15:42

Marantz SR7001

A receiver that covers all the bases

TechRadar rating:

5 stars

A great home cinema hub with a high degree of flexibility for simple multi-room installations


Excellent audio circuitry


Menus lacking somewhat in finesse

Marantz' impressive SR7001 AV receiver has all bases covered for those seeking a flexible home cinema powerhouse that isn't likely to be outclassed any time soon.

The seven-channel amp is THX certified, which means that it complies with specialist surround sound performance criteria, and is fitted with Audyssey's Room Acoustic Calibration and MultEQ facility to tune your speaker system to the room acoustics for optimum surround performance in your normal listening area.

The high-powered amplifier can easily reassign power to additional speakers in another room and there are multi-room pre-outputs to redirect audio and video signals to other rooms too.

The onscreen menus may look a bit unsophisticated but there's plenty of flexibility to tailor the SR7001 to your specific requirements, and the auto setup mode makes light work of installation.

Connectivity is strong, with assignable audio and video inputs and four HDMI input jacks. Powerful up-converters mean that analogue video signals are smoothly upgraded to the best quality for your TV, and the SR7001 can even upconvert analogue signals and output them via the HDMI.

Expert handling

Analogue upconversion and HDMI loop through signals are expertly handled with barely any flaws on display. But sadly, analogue video signals converted to HDMI digital don't look as good, and the drop in quality is easily visible.

Audio circuitry is top-notch, however. And the Marantz puts in a stunning performance that brings to life the dynamics and nuances contained in DVD soundtracks.

Audyssey's automated speaker tuning is effective, and can then be manually tweaked to your own tastes via comprehensive onscreen parameters.

It's the kind of sound that achieves one of the most immersive surround sound experiences we have heard. It's easy on the ear, but there's an HT-EQ mode to temper higher frequencies should soundtracks become over strident.

Music is handled with remarkable finesse, and the Marantz has the kind of drive and control that shows off the brand's considerable musical roots. The Pure Direct mode demonstrates further audible improvements by deactivating video circuitry, and pleasing audiophiles.

The SR7001 is a great home cinema hub with a high degree of flexibility for simple multi-room installations. It sounds great and should be on any audition list, but you'll need to have deep pockets to take one home.

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