Roberts Stream 83i £120

27th Apr 2012 | 08:30

Roberts Stream 83i

More than just a radio - internet radio, DAB and DLNA

TechRadar rating:

4.5 stars

The Roberts Stream 83i is an excellent device with a vast amount of features - and it sounds great too.


Plenty of features; Sounds great; No need to install additional software; Great build quality;


Not the nicest design; Expensive;

The design of the Roberts Stream 83i Wi-Fi streamer/internet radio/DAB radio has proved to be particularly divisive within the office.

The phrases 'ugly' and the slightly more diplomatic 'lacking in style' have been bandied about, but so too has 'retro' and 'I like it'.

Looks aside, it has the solid build quality we've come to expect from Roberts, and it's easy to connect the Stream 83i to a wireless network and browse the huge range of internet radio stations and podcasts.

Plugging in a USB stick containing MP3s brings up an easy-to-navigate file system. Whilst the dials and buttons work pretty well when editing and tweaking settings, if you sign up for an account you can tweak via a web browser.

Connecting to PCs on the network via a UPnP (such as Windows Media Player) also works well and adds an extra layer of functionality, letting you play all your music from your computers.

The fact that it doesn't need extra software installed on your PC to work, unlike the Logitech Squeezebox, is an added bonus.

Whilst the aesthetics might not be your thing, the sheer amount of features makes the Roberts Stream 83i an excellent device - and it sounds great too.

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