Pure Digital Elan digital radio

1st Feb 2005 | 00:00

Beneath the conservative casing lies a true sonic show-off

TechRadar rating:

3.5 stars

The RV40 has some interesting features but sound quality heads up a number of failings


<p>Ingenious text-scroll feature</p><p>Easy to use</p>


<p>Average sound quality</p><p>Basic connectivity</p><p>Basic design</p>

While the name brings to mind short-lived soap Eldorado, or the equally unappealing international language Esperanto, this radio outclasses both.

Despite its handbag looks, it has a sturdy feel, with satisfyingly clunky buttons. The reception is excellent, with no distortion even at high volume - handy when you're listening to Jonathan Ross and the missus butts in with the vacuum.

The lifespan is also a healthy 30 hours of DAB (80 of FM) for when you retreat to somewhere more peaceful. Unfortunately, you'll need six C-type batteries when not plugged in, which could prove costly. But this is a decent mid-market radio that does the basics well.

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