Speck SkinTight and Griffin EarJams £13

31st Mar 2005 | 23:00

Speck SkinTight and Griffin EarJams

Stop those Apple earbuds from working loose while jogging

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3 stars

For those who're looking for some buds that reduce background noise, produce improved sound quality and don't fall out easily


<p>Great price</p><p>Improvement over bundled earphones</p>


<p>Not for audiophiles</p><p>Or anyone other than the casual listener for that matter</p>

Let's face it... exercise is boring and that's why people buy iPods. Listening to a bit of thrash metal while you're pounding away on the treadmill is the only way to get through a painful gym session.

Now, let's assume you buy yourself a nice iPod Mini to use during your workout and you tuck it away in your polo shirt pocket and stick your earbuds in your ear. What happens next?

Your iPod Mini jumps out of your shirt pocket and wraps the earbud cord around the main bearing of the treadmill and, fortunately, because those earbuds are so loose and keep falling out of your ears, you save yourself from having your head mangled between a rubber treadmill mat and a heavy-duty electric motor. Phew.

This potential trauma can be avoided by the unique pairing of two handy products, distributed by AM Micro. The first is the Speck SkinTight Armband. This handy strip of grey rubber does up as tight as a junkie's tourniquet, and comes with a soft translucent rubber sleeve for an iPod mini.

The iPod slots into a cradle on the armband and you can jog those pounds off on the treadmill without fear of wrapping your head around the gym equipment.


The armband fastens using a number of Velcro dots on the band that you can secure to a tightness that's comfortable for you. Remember, don't do it up too tight, as the increased bloodflow caused by the exercise might cause you to blow a gasket.

The second little gem for jogging is Griffin Technology's EarJams. These plastic domes clip over Apple earbuds, and you can then attach special rubber earplugs (in one of three sizes) that enable your earbuds to stay in your lugholes, even when you're jogging.

Having the earbuds firmly implanted in your ears boosts the volume and the bass response, plus you don't have to keep stopping every five minutes to put the earbuds back in your ears. Simple, isn't it? Mark Sparrow

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