Phoenix Apollo CI MC £115

31st Aug 2006 | 23:00

Phoenix Apollo CI MC

A lot of receiver for a reasonable price

TechRadar rating:

4 stars

Fast, well-built multicrypt receiver with blind search

The Apollo CI MC is a fine example of how you can cram a lot into a receiver for a very reasonable price. As the name suggests, it comes with both a CI slot and a built-in programmable Multicrypt CAM, and free-to-air versions are also available.

It can be configured to work as part of fixed and DiSEqC/USALS motorised systems and proves a very quick sat scanner - 3mins to update 62 transponders on Astra 1x. There's also generous memory capacity for 6,000 channels and 64 satellites.

You can create up to 12 favourites lists and there's a full seven-day EPG. Good connections include an RGB Scart, S-video output and digital audio output. Picture quality is colourful and detailed from the receiver's great Sharp tuner, and audio from both analogue and digital sources is also excellent.

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