The TechRadar Christmas wishlist 2013

1st Dec 2013 | 13:00

The TechRadar Christmas wishlist 2013

We've been really, really good

The TechRadar Christmas Wishlist 2013

The weather outside is about to turn frightful, but our articles this year have been mostly delightful so we're relatively certain we've made it onto Santa's 'nice' list.

It's that time of year again where the TechRadar team rummages through their Christmas crackers and tells the world which tech-tastic pressies they'd like to find in their stockings. We think we got that round the right way.

Of course, the present ideas don't stop here - you can check out our massive top Christmas gifts of 2013: Xmas gift guide as well.

Paul Douglas: Editor-in-Chief Global

Panasonic Lumix GM1

Panasonic GM1

I really enjoy my Nikon DSLR but there are times when I don't want to lug it around and so I end up shooting on my phone instead. Then I run the phone battery down so that I can't post stupid Facebook updates, I mean make important work calls.

So a compact system camera would be a welcome present and the five-star Panasonic Lumix GM1 is top of my (expensive, not gonna happen) wishlist.

Belkin Chef Stand

Belkin's Chef Stand

The brilliant Evernote Food app plus a tablet – here are 10 of the best - makes for a handy kitchen recipe store but it also threatens to leave my tablet screen covered in greasy finger marks.

The Belkin Chef Stand solves this problem by providing a stand with a non-slip rubber base and a chunky stylus that you can prod the screen with so your buttery fingers don't have to go anywhere near it.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

It's all very well trying to read an ebook on a tablet or phone but the constant interruption of tweets and Facebook updates or the temptation to browse the web mid-chapter is a real distraction.

So the new Kindle Paperwhite is a pre-Christmas present I'll probably be buying myself this year so I can get some quiet reading time in over the break.

And one app for Boxing Day

Google Play Music All Access

The stupidly named Google Play Music All Access apps on my phone and tablet will be getting plenty of use this Christmas. I swapped from Spotify back in September and I haven't looked back. I much prefer the interface and ease of use of Google's music streaming service.

Patrick Goss's wishlist

Patrick Goss: Editor-in-Chief UK

Turtle Beach Ear Force i30 headphones

Turtle Beach i30

I always like to go for something a bit left-field for my headphones, and with its gaming heritage and a mighty-fine pair of cans, it is Turtle Beach that have stolen my attention this year.

The i30 bluetooth wireless mobile media headset has been built for iDevices and the quality of build, noise cancellation and invisible mic have pushed it to the top of my wish list.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air

The iPad Air secured the first ever five star review for a tablet, and it's rocking my slate world as well.

Given all the extra power under the svelte bonnet I'm keen to use it more as a super-portable laptop this year and to that end I've plumped for the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case for iPad Air.

PlayStation 4


I cannot begin to tell you how I've agonised over which console to pick for this list. I was pretty much an Xbox convert in the last gen following on from PS2 before that, but my current favourite for a Christmas present is Sony's PS4.

Why? I'm not convinced Microsoft has really focused enough outside of the US when it comes to the much hyped media capability of the Xbox One, and the Steam Machine that would have tempted me back to the PC-side isn't going to be ready in time. Roll on Watch Dogs.

And one app for Boxing Day

GTA San Andreas

I have to confess that I've not got as into the GTA games as the rest of the world, but the prospect of one of the greatest games coming to iOS and also being able to use something like the MOGA Ace Power controller add-on could just convert me. Maybe

Dan Grabham's wishlist

Dan Grabham, Associate Editor - TechRadar Pro

Nexus 7

Nexus 7

I've been writing about Kindle Fire apps and games recently, and the Kindle Fire I've been using to do it has really opened my eyes to the usefulness of small screen tablets. And specifically, small screen tablets that aren't made by Apple and don't cost the earth.

The Kindle Fire HDX would be an ace choice, but I've decided to plump for the non-Amazon inculcated Nexus 7. It's a thing of loveliness and it's £20 cheaper than the Kindle Fire HDX.

Dell XPS 11

iPad 4

I'm lucky enough that I get to use a lot of PCs in my job. And this year I've mainly used a MacBook Air, an Ultrabook and a Surface Pro at different times - all very good.

And while I appreciate the Santa budget may only want to stretch to a Chromebook, the only thing that floats my boat is another do-anything yet lightweight device. Dell's new XPS 11 looks like it might be the ticket. We're certainly looking forward to reviewing one SOON PLEASE DELL.

Windows 9

Windows 9

OK, this is a totally silly one, but I've been using Windows 8 for a year and a half now and, well, it's not getting any better and I'm bored. If anything, the search got worse with Windows 8.1 and, well Santa, I can no longer find the files I want to, while the apps are only getting better REALLY slowly.

I mean a year to develop a Facebook app? Come on. I'm really hoping that someone of your power and resource can encourage Microsoft to deliver a new OS in Windows 9, just for me.

And one app for Boxing Day


Everybody always tells me how great Tweetbot 3 is, but it costs £2. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm stingy and I expect everything for free.

That's not actually the case, but I hate it when people release new versions of apps and re-charge people that bought the original. Still, I guess people have to make money somehow.

Marc Chacksfield's wishlist

Marc Chacksfield: Deputy Editor

Now TV box

Now TV box

I'll admit that I already have one, but I definitely want another. The Now TV box is the ultimate step into the world of smart TV, without having to spend hundreds on a new television to get the likes of iPlayer, Spotify and Now TV on the big screen.

Sky's low price of the box and great deal on its movies service makes this an essential buy.



My list of unplayed PS3 games grows and grows but still I would love a PlayStation 4 under the Christmas tree. The promise of a new Uncharted game in the coming years, the fact it is 4K compatible and its home entertainment trickery has me sold.

I would also need a 4KTV (the Sony X9000 would do the trick) to make it the perfect home ents system but I'm not going to be greedy – that's on my list for 2014.

Denon AH-W150s

Denon AH-W150s

The Holy Grail for sports headphones are ones that don't fall out of your ear when training. And that's why a pair of Denon AH-W150s are on my list.

Comfortable, durable and free from wires, these grab hold of your ears better than most and sound great too. Now all I have to find is the willpower to get off of the couch and use them after two helpings of Christmas pudding.

And one app for Boxing Day

Football Manager for Android

More addictive than those cheesy footballs that only come out at Christmas, Football Manager Handheld 2014 is an essential app for me getting through any prolonged time spent with my loved ones.

Gareth Beavis's wishlist

Gareth Beavis: Mobile devices editor

PlayStation 4


I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a Christmas present as much as this - sure, the PS4 has no decent games yes and all my PS3 titles will be useless, but it's next-gen. I don't need to know any more than that. It just ticks the next-gen box.

HP ENVY Recline 23 TouchSmart Beats SE All-in-One

Envy Recline

I saw this the other day and it immediately made me not want to buy a new laptop any more. It's powerful, it's well-designed and (and this makes me sad) the reason I want it most is it's red. It just looks great.

The Moga Ace power


Finally, a decent controller for the iPhone, and one that will work with an iPod Touch too thanks to the innovative sliding design. Phones are now the new handheld consoles, and there's no shame in still needing the familiarity of physical keys.

And one app for Boxing Day

Asus Vivobook

Real Racing A free, high-def racing game that all my friends are playing, thus giving me times to beat? That's me in trouble at Christmas dinner.

James Rivington's wishlist

James Rivington: Reviews Editor

Bowers & Wilkins P7s


I love good sound. I hate bad sound. So consequently I love the B&W P7 headphones. In fact, if there was one product I sent back this year that I'd love to get back in and never return, it's these things.

They just sound so damn good. Clean, refined, crystal clear sound. Absolutely delicious and a good excuse to go back through my Pink Floyd favourites. Give me!

Spotify Premium


Given that the P7's cost north of £300 I've chosen to be more realistic with my subsequent choices. I'm a huge Spotify fan and already subscribe to Premium but I'd be more than happy to receive some months as a Christmas gift.

I have Spotify in my ear holes pretty much of the time and I think it's brilliant.



I don't subscribe to Netflix but if someone wanted to give me access for Christmas that would make me happy. I'm not totally sold on the service yet - there isn't enough of the content I want to watch.

But it's improving all the time, Ultra HD streams are incoming and of all the streaming options out there, Netflix is currently the best and probably our best hope of a unified, all-singing, all-dancing video streaming super-service.

And one app for Boxing Day

Nova Launcher

My day-to-day phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I love it, it's amazing. But I also think that Samsung's TouchWiz overlay is disgusting. I think it makes Android look ugly and less fun to use.

So I use Nova Launcher to restore my device to something more akin to stock Android, but with far more customisation options. There's almost nothing you can't change with this thing, and so I should probably pay for the premium version at some point (even though it doesn't actually deliver that many more features I'd want to use).

Kate Solomon's wishlist

Kate Solomon: News Editor

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Every year I put a MacBook on my Christmas wishlist and every year literally everyone fails to get me one. It's almost as though nobody wants to spend thousands of pounds on a laptop for me. Think I need some new friends - I wonder if EvanSpiegel is free.

Nintendo Wii + Super Mario Kart

MacBook Pro

You can keep your next gen, I want previous gen. Seriously, I'm jonesin for some Mario Kart. I'd settle for a SNES. I'd settle for YOU getting a SNES and me just popping round one Saturday. Come on now, that sounds reasonable to me.

Berg LittlePrinter


This pricey little guy prints out motivational messages and little bits of news when you walk past him and it costs like £170 and then you've got to buy these £5 paper refills and it's sort of pointless and I dunno guys, I just want one, ok?

And an App for Boxing Day


Tinder - some people use it for random hook-ups, some people for serious dating, some people just enjoy rejecting people en masse. As a member of the latter camp, I've lost hours to left-swiping all these identical fish-holding, tiger-stroking, colour-running guys. Can't think why they're all single. Cannot fathom it at all.

John McCann's wishlist

John McCann: Mobile Devices writer



I've always been a PlayStation guy. I had the original PSX, PSOne, PS2 and I'm currently rocking a PS3 under my TV.

PS4 is a natural progression - I love PlayStation. I far prefer the controller over the chunky lump of plastic Xbox offers and while many complain about the lack of launch titles it doesn't phase me. I'm a boring gamer - I play FIFA, GTA, GT and that's about it.

Sony Bravia X9

Sonos Sub

I first saw the Bravia X9 during CES in Vegas at the start of the year and it was love at first sight. The picture is amazing, the design is a winner and the 65-inch version just needs to be in my life, like RIGHT NOW.

So what if it costs £6,000 and there's pretty much no 4K footage - I'll be the talk of the town and that'll sooth my ego over the holiday period.

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm Toq

Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment, but no one is quite sure why. While I'm still on the fence about their purpose in life I'm a sucker for new tech and I want something on my wrist to show off.

The Qualcomm Toq is my favourite of the current crop - simple, understated and an always on, colour display. It's just as shame it's only available in the US. P&P is going to cost a bomb...

And one app for Boxing Day

Football Manager

Boxing day - cue the hangover, indigestion and a day in bed. I need an app to keep me entertained - hello FM 2014! Watford will be champions by dusk.

Hugh Langley's wishlist

Hugh Langley: Staff Writer

Sony KD 55X TV

Sony KD 55X

4K is picking up and what better excuse to make use of that extra living room space than with a massive new TV? Sony's 65-incher promises to be a good place to start, especially as it'll give my Blu-rays a whole new lease of life.

Of course, at £5,999 I can't actually afford the damn thing, so here's hoping that someone will slip it among the pile of presents this year. I'm gonna need a bigger tree.

Elmo projector


Then again, maybe I should just chuck out the TV and focus on the wall behind it. Elmo's BOX-i projector would mean skipping on the 4K but if it's going to give me a 70-inch picture, I still win.

There's a white Wi-Fi model if you're looking to really splash out but the T-350 Entertainment Model is the one for me. Top gaming projector, this one.

Fitbit force

Fitbit Force

Annoyingly the Fitbit Force isn't out in the UK yet so I'm hoping Santa does international delivery. The Flex was nice enough but the Force is much better suited to the fitness wearable market of now – altimeter, NFC support, and an OLED display to tells you who's calling.

Also, what better way to get me moving after I've stuffed my face with a small village worth of chocolate?

Desire Athow's wishlist

Desire Athow: Editor, TechRadar Pro

Google Nexus 5 (32GB)

Nexus 5

Google's new top of the range smartphone is just too good to be ignored, especially at such a good price. I just wished it came with a microSD card slot as well. Highlights include a speedy quad-core Snapdragon 800, a full HD display, 4G LTE, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.4 Kit Kat plus a glut of connectivity options.

Other comparable smartphones (Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 3) cost nearly twice as much, making of the Google Nexus 5, the best-value-for-money device on the market.

Toshiba Excite

Toshiba Excite

This new category of products is possibly the most exciting on the market. It is essentially the equivalent of the Netbook of tablets: Affordable, powerful and jam-packed.

The Toshiba Excite is one of many on the market (other contenders include the Asus T100, Lenovo Mixx 2, the Acer Iconia W4 and the Dell XPS 10). All of them come with a quad-core processor, prices starting from £249, Windows 8, a HD display, 2GB of RAM, at least 32GB of RAM and Office 2013 with Outlook. Nothing really comes close in terms of productivity and value for money.

Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15

Dell produced a stunning piece of kit in the shape of the Haswell-based XPS 15. It bests the comparable Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display, offering a better display, a faster processor, a touchscreen display, more hardware options, a better battery life and a cheaper price tag.

For once I am ready to take the dive with a laptop that's thin and light enough to be an Ultrabook while easily passing as a mobile workstation.

And one app for Boxing Day

Hot UK Deals app

HUKD (Hotukdeals): I've been an active user of this deal-hunting forum for the past seven years and its app will provide with the perfect antidote for the post-Christmas crash. Free, available for iOS and Android.

Kane Fulton's wishlist

Kane Fulton: Staff writer, TechRadar Pro

Xbox One

Xbox One

I'm looking forward to sitting in my pants on Christmas day barking voice commands at the new Xbox. I've sworn to get into telly shows such as Breaking Bad, so I'm going to compliment it with a Netflix subscription.

And then there's the games - Forza 5, Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3 top my list - and I'm intrigued as to how the new Kinect has turned out. Not to mention the rumble bumpers...

Western Digital MyCloud 2TB


I've just bought the 2013 MacBook Air, which comes with a not exactly huge 128GB HDD. As such, I'm hoping to find WD's new MyCloud under the tree as it would come in massively handy in storing my movies, songs, photos and videos.

I recently tried out the company's mobile MyCloud app and it's a pleasant experience. Having my own personal Spotify / video streaming cloud with no monthly fees is hugely attractive for me.

Adidas Springblade

Adidas Springblade

Adidas's Springblade trainers could get me back into jogging in the new year, which will give me an excuse to splash out on a jogging app or fitness band - perhaps the Fitbit or Nike Fuelband SE.

I used to run at least one 10k every year but fell out of the habit two years ago, so these blade-fitted shoes could offer just enough of that new tech 'pizzaz' feel to make me jog on.

And one app for Boxing Day


Minecraft Pocket Edition: I've been on the hunt for a new game for some time, and this 'honey I shrunk the blocks' version of Minecraft looks just the ticket. I've dabbled in the desktop version - not long enough to become addicted, mind - but enough to develop an interest in what it has to offer.

I was addicted to Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 in the 90s, so I'm looking forward to flexing my creative chops come Boxing Day.

Angela Nicholson's wishlist

Angela Nicholson: Head of Testing, Future Photography

Western Digital MyCloud EX4 16TB

Techradar Christmas wishlist 2013 WD EX4

NAS drives probably aren't the sort of thing that most people get excited about, but as a photographer with a stack of external hard drives full with images the WD EX4 is the answer to my prayers.

Sure there are other solutions on the market, but WD's software is easy to use and the EX4's four bays ensure that my images are properly backed up. The trouble is I'm not sure I've been good enough to get the 16TB version I want.

Fuji XQ1

Fuji XQ1

Fuji is on a roll with its X-series cameras and the XQ1 is a sexy little number that uses the same 2/3-inch sensor as the X20. It's small and tough enough to be slipped into a pocket, but gives you bags of control and has the clout to take great images.

Plus, it's got Wi-Fi connectivity built-in for sharing shots via my iPhone, so I'd like to make it my 'carry everywhere' camera in 2014.

And one app for Boxing Day

10 in a row

10 in a row is a simple game about arranging numbers against the clock, but it has a way of getting under your skin so you have to have one more go.

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