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6th Dec 2012 | 14:26

tech. magazine: all the stories in one place

The great content that made up the issue...

Issue 2

So, you have a copy of tech. on the iPad but the editorial journey doesn't stop there. You may have noticed the many fantastic quotes we have in the issue. well now you can read the whole articles that we referenced. Below is a list of content section by section. Enjoy.

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Daring Fireball




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PC Mag

PC Advisor

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The Great Firewall of China

Eddie Cue


Extradition avoided

The Honeywell Kitchen Computer




The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Verge

Issue 1

Does the Wii U give Nintendo a boost?

The Nintendo Wii U's Identity Crisis: Rachel Ardnt, Popular Mechanics

Nintendo Wii U review: David Pierce, The Verge

Nintendo Wii U GamePad vs. tablets / game controllers: fight!: Ben Gilbert, Engadget

Nintendo Boss Declares Wii U The Start of the Next Console Generation, Teases Looming Surprises: Stephen Totilo, Kotaku

Google Fights for future of the internet

Google Take Action: Google

UN Agency's Leaked Playbook: Panic, Chaos over Anti-Internet Treaty: Larry Downes, Forbes

The U.N.'s Internet Sneak Attack: L Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal

Is The UN Really Trying To Take Over The Internet? Nope: Federic Lardinous, TechCrunch

UN Agency's Leaked Playbook: Panic, Chaos over Anti-Internet Treaty: Larry Downes, Forbes

Who should control the internet?: Kate Solomon, TechRadar

Exclusive: Inside Google Spanner, the Largest Single Database on Earth: Cade Metz, Wired

Two Analysts Just Went To Kansas City To Check Out Google Fiber - And They Were Blown Away
: Henry Blodget, Business Insider

ITU to EU: We don't want to control the internet... honest: 
Bill Ray, The Register

Sony's bad credit may mean TV switch off

Sony and Panasonic Credit Ratings Cut to "Junk" Level: Gary Cutlack, Gizmodo

Don't touch Sony, Panasonic's junk, says credit agency: Brid-Aine Parnell, The Register

Sony and Panasonic credit ratings slashed to "junk" status: Jeff Parsons, T3

Sony climbs into smartphone top three behind Samsung and Apple: Chris Smith, TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hits 5 million sales: Ian Calcutt, Trusted Reviews

Sony, Panasonic stripped of investment-grade ratings: Mark Landshaw, Digital Spy

Credit agency rubbishes Sony: Nick Farrell, TechEye

Sony credit rating set to 'junk' status: Joshua Rouse, Examiner

How Japan's tech giants can rise again

Strong Yen Threatens Japan's 'Galapagos Effect': William Pesek, Bloomberg

Return of MySpace

Cry Me a River: Why Justin Timberlake's MySpace can't take on Spotify and Rhapsody: Richard Nieva, Pandodaily

Solving the app discovery problem

For some companies, confusion in app-land equals money: Om Malik, Gigaom

A question of governance

Facebook Asks Users If It Can Abolish Their Right To Vote On Future Site Governance Changes: Josh Constine, TechCrunch

Jailing Weev

No More Lulz: Should Weev, the World's Most Notorious Troll, Go to Jail for 'Hacking'?: Alex Pasternack, Vice

Lotus: Farewell to a Once-Great Tech Brand

IBM kills Lotus: Harry McCracken, Time

Susan Boyle Twitter hashtag hits a bum note


Who controls the internet and can they be trusted?

The UN's Internet Sneak Attack: L Gordon Crovitz, WSJ

Keep the Internet Open: Vint Cerf, NYT

Would you trust Vladimir Putin with the keys to the web?: John Naughton, Observer

Russians back down from leaked U.N. Internet proposal: Larry Downes, CNet

Will Google Now find its voice with Siri?

Google Search vs. Siri: Voice search speed test (video): Jason Parker, CNet

Google's Answer to Siri Thinks Ahead: Tom Simonite, Technology Review

Why Apple Has GOT to Fix Siri: Mike Elgan, Cult of Mac

Google's New Voice-Powered Search For iOS Makes Siri Look Like She's Going Nowhere: Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes

Showdown: Google Voice Search v. Siri speed test: Christian Zibreg, iDownload


Want this…Apple iMac: Carly Page, The Inquirer

Download this…Curiosity: Giles Turnbull, Cult of Mac

Do this…Amazing indie games: Matt Hawkins, Gameranx

Read this…Hobbit Movie Guide: Joel Harley, Starburst Magazine

Play this…New Super Mario Bros: Ebenezer Samuel, NY Daily News

Watch this…Dark Knight Rises: Matthew Leyland, Total Film

Avoid this…Samsung: Salvador Rodriquez, LA Times

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